ALD Leadership

The ALD supports the safe and effective adoption of lasers in oral systemic health for patient well-being.


Board of Directors 2021 - 2022


Arun Darbar, BDS
Leighton Buzzard, United Kingdom
Fax: 44-1525-853482



Samuel B. Low, DDS

Samuel Low, DDS
Palm Coast, FL


James Carreiro, DDSTreasurer
James Carreiro, DMD
Largo, FL


Walid Altayeb, DDS, MScD, PhD
Doha Qatar



Immediate Past President
Edward Kusek, DDS
Sioux Falls, SD
Fax: 605-371-3445


 Gail S. Siminovsky, CAE

Executive Director
Gail S. Siminovsky, CAE
Coral Springs, FL
954-346-3776 x 202
Fax: 954-757-2598



Directors at Large


 Lynn Atkinson, RDH

Lynn Atkinson, RDH
Torrance, CA

  Juliana Barros, DDS, MS
Houston, TX


Laura Braswell, DDS
Atlanta, GA


Nancy Fitzgerald, DMD, BSDH
Glendale, AZ

Donald Patthoff, DDS

Donald Patthoff, DDS
Martinsburg, WV


Marina Polonsky, DDS, MSC
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Craig Sanford, DDS

Craig Sanford, DDS
Nantucket, MA



Christopher Walinski, DDS

Valhalla, New York

ALD Nominations for 2022-23  Leadership

 RecommendationS Closed on Wednesday, November 10, 2021

The 2021-22 Nominations Committee members are:

Thank you for taking advantage of this opportunity to recommend an ALD member you feel would provide valuable service to the Academy of Laser Dentistry as a leader.  Submission of your recommendations to the Nominations Committee by the established deadline: Wednesday, November 10, 2021 were received.  Your recommendations were considered after confirming interest to serve and obtaining the necessary questionnaire responses.  An announcement of the Nominees to the ALD members occurred on Friday, December 10, 2021.  The 2022 Election will be held as part of the upcoming 29th Annual Conference and Exhibition on April 19, 2022.  These questionnaires will be completed by all those being considered for leadership service.  Please complete the appropriate questionnaire linked here:

Questionnaire Board

Questionnaire Officer



Characteristics and Attributes of an Ideal ALD Board Member

Proven Performance
Leadership requires knowledge, talent, skill, vitality and the ability to make a difference. In the association environment, that translates into a solid track record of contributing to the success of programs, events or projects.
Serving as an association leader is both an honor and a reward, but it requires a demonstrated commitment to the organization and its mission and goals.
Time to Serve
Participating fully in association activities requires extra time to prepare for travel and attend meetings.
Understanding of Team Work
Many people contribute their efforts toward the realization of an association's goals and objectives - no one does it alone. Well developed interpersonal and communication skills are essential to effective teamwork.
Sound Judgment and Integrity
In many instances, popularity brings potential leaders into the limelight of an association. But popularity must be tempered with good judgment and integrity. Decisions may need to be made that are not popular with the members.
Communication and "Teaching" Skills
By virtue of their position, current leaders serve as mentors and teachers to future leaders.
A zest for serving the association is an important ingredient that leaders must be able to pass along to their successors.
Ability to Subordinate Special Interests
Leaders often emerge because of their special expertise or effective representation of a specific constituency. Leadership, however, may require subordinating those interests for the greater good of the association.
Be a Strategic Thinker
Intuitive and interpretive skills enable leaders to understand the people around them, internalize the data they receive, recognize the relationships that exist between the leadership and membership.

Refer to your copy of the ALD Constitution and Bylaws for a full description of the duties of board members and officers. If you require a copy, please download it or contact the Executive Director by email at [email protected] or by phone at 954-346-3776.