Laser-Assisted Endodontics – Disinfection and a Whole Lot More
Justin Kolnick, DDS


While root canal cleaning and disinfection are the primary focus of laser-assisted endodontics, there are other significant applications for lasers in conventional endodontic therapy. The challenges presented, and complications encountered while negotiating complex and anatomically challenging root canal systems are numerous, often frustrating to overcome, time-intensive, and add significant stress to both the dentist and patient. This webinar will highlight the role of lasers in overcoming these obstacles and will introduce new laser concepts such as Laser Patency, Laser Recapitulation as well as Laser Drainage and Decompression. 



The impact of these laser concepts on single-visit endodontic procedures will be presented within the context of endodontic emergency management during the Coronavirus pandemic.


Educational Objectives

  • Appreciate the broader role of lasers in conventional endodontics.
  • Learn new laser concepts that will improve their expertise and competence in the management of commonly encountered complications in endodontics.
  • Understand the application of these concepts to single-visit endodontics and the management of endodontic emergencies during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Recorded April 14, 2020



Combining Lasers, Regenerative PRF, and Ozone Therapy in Endodontics Using EndOzLase: New Biological Regenerative Strategies for the Endo Patient
Valerie Kanter, DMD, MS, BCN, IBDM

Regenerative Endodontics is defined as biologically based procedures designed to replace damaged structures of the pulp-dentin complex. Depending on the state of pulpal inflammation, a variety of treatment options exist that range from direct pulp capping to complete revascularization of the root canal system.   An accurate pre-operative diagnosis is critical for case selection and successful outcomes.  In this webinar we will review clinical guidelines for treatment planning vital pulp therapy cases and learn about new research in the field of molecular diagnostics, to establish a true understanding of the dynamic role of the host response in pulpal and systemic inflammation.  In order for vital pulp therapy to be successful, biological regenerative strategies are recommended to mitigate inflammatory triggers and support mineralization pathways. 


EndOzLase is a combination therapy using Er:YAG and Nd:YAG lasers, ozone therapy, and regenerative platelet rich fibrin. We will discuss the application of EndOzLase in vital pulp therapy cases, with the intention of maintaining pulp vitality, which is essential for dental homeostasis and optimal function and survival of teeth.


Educational Objectives

  • Review clinical and molecular markers of pulpal inflammation in order to maximize success for vital pulp therapy by proper case selection. 
  • Discuss the benefits of lasers in deep decay removal and proper management of pulp exposures. 
  • Introduce EndOzLase and the biological strategies, techniques and materials recommended for successful vital pulp therapy. 


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