Understanding the Clinical Application of Laser Math, Dr. Alfred Wyatt

Micro-Invasive Dentistry: The Paradigm Shift in Caries Management, Dr. John J. Graeber


Understanding the Clinical Application of Laser Math

Alfred Wyatt, DMD, Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Dr. Alfred WyattUnderstanding the operation and optimal use of any laser requires an appreciation of the many scientific figures, terms, and calculations that come into play. The primary objective of this course is to familiarize the new laser user and strengthen others in the understanding of these components and how they relate to the clinical practice of laser in dentistry. This session is highly recommended if you are pursuing Advanced Proficiency certification.


Educational Objectives


  • Learn terms used with laser devices and what they mean.

  • Determine calculations associated with these terms.

  • Use these terms and calculations to obtain the best clinical performance of the laser device you have.

Presented May 7, 2020



Micro-Invasive Dentistry: The Paradigm Shift in Caries Management
John J. Graeber, DMD, MALD, MAGD, FiCD, Private Practice, Morristown, New Jersey


Dr. John GraeberThe clinical appearance of caries has changed since the widespread use of fluoride in most populations. Diagnostic instrumentation and treatment protocols have not kept pace.


Technology developed in the past 30 years has made evidence-based diagnosis simple and objective. The advent of Adhesive Dentistry requires traditional technique changes.


Caries management and treatment need an overhaul to make early diagnosis and Micro-Invasive treatment a reality.
The contents of this webinar will challenge and enlighten Dental Professionals to many of these new developments which preserve Dental tissues to the maximum extent possible.


Educational Objectives
  • Attendees will review Caries management systems
  • Attendees will learn of new advances in caries diagnostic equipment
  • Attendees will see Micro-Invasive techniques in use
  • Attendees will learn of advances in caries microbiology which challenge traditional teaching

Presented August 5, 2020


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