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Education of laser use is how we learn to practice safely and efficiently. Everyday ALD helps more dentists and hygienists become comfortable using their laser investment to effectively apply the techniques on their patients.

The sessions were recorded during the ALD Annual Conference held April 5, 7, 12, 14, 19, and 21, 2022

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Essentials: PBM and Team

Moderator: Dr. Arun Darbar, ALD President


Innovations: Holistic & Essentials: PBM

Moderator: Dr. Grace Sun


PBM Mechanisms of Action

James Carroll, FRSM


How Dental Assistants "Light" up the Way: Lasers and the Dental Assistant
Jeanette Miranda, RDH, BSDH; Angie Wallace, RDH


Comprehensive Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy Utilizing CO2 Lasers

Gwen Smukowski, RDH, BSDH, MBA


Live Q&A


Holistic Laser Dentistry

Judson Wall, DDS


Photobiomodulating Lasers and Children’s Dental Care

Larry Kotlow, DDS


Live Q&A



Essentials: Dental Team

Moderator: Dr. Sam Low, ALD President-Elect


Controversies in Dentistry

Moderator: Dr. James Carreiro, ALD Treasurer


Healthy Hygiene - Healthy Practice

Camille Luke, RDH, MSDH


How Do We Incorporate Lasers Into Our Practice? A Whole Team Approach

Lynn Atkinson, RDH


Managing Dental Anxiety in a High-Anxiety World

Yolanda Cox, RDH, MEd


Live Q&A


What Went Wrong? Dealing with Complications and Bad Outcomes

Laura Braswell, DDS

From Hopeless to Hopeful:  Extending Life of Compromised Dentition Using Laser Technology

Marina Polonsky, DDS, MSc


Live Q&A




Essentials: PBM

Moderator: Dr. Mel Burchman, ALD Past President


Innovations: Facial Esthetics

Moderator: Dr. Laura Braswell


Photobiomodulation and the Opioid Crisis

Gerry Ross, DDS


PBM and Integrative Pain Management



Live Q&A

Anterior Gingival Esthetics Planning Through Execution

Louis Chmura, DDS, MS


Live Q&A

Full Digital Workflow in Combination with Laser-Assisted Perio-Plastic Microsurgery for Treatment of Gummy Smile

Hanaa Nassar, DDS, MSc, PhD




Innovations: General Dentistry

Moderator: Dr. Marina Polonsky


Innovations: Facial Esthetics

Moderator: Dr. Amir Daoud


Technologic Diagnosis and Treatment of Early Caries

John Graeber, DMD, MALD, MAGD, FICD


Live Q&A


Laser Scenario in Different Clinical Applications

Doaa Almiran, BDS, MSc


Live Q&A

Reverse the Aging Process with Esthetic Lasers

Larry Lieberman, DDS; Terry Alford, DMD



Live Q&A




Innovations: Endodontics

Moderator: Dr. Samuel Low




Lasers in Endodontics

Yuliya Kozlova, DDS, MSc


Do We Need NaOCl in the Root Canal When Lasers Are Used?

Isaac Kably, DDS, MSc






Dr. Eugene Seidner Student Scholar Presentation

Innovations: Pediatrics


Innovations: Sleep

Moderator: Dr. Jeff Harrison


Dr. Eugene Seidner Student Scholar Presentation

The Effect of Er,Cr:YSGG Laser Therapy on Pain and Anxiety During Pulpotomy Procedures on Deciduous Molars in Pediatric Dental Patients

Shylon Mathew, DDS



Krystle Dean-Duru and Lynda Dean-Duru


Pediatric Soft Tissue Procedures

Larry Kotlow, DDS


Live Q&A



Introduction to Dental Sleep Medicine

Jeff Harrison, DDS


Sleep disorder patients: How to Recognize, Stabilize, and Resolve

Andrew Cohen, DMD, Diplomate ACSDD

Utilizing Nonsurgical Fractional CO2 Laser Therapy to Improve Snoring and Airway Challenges

Scott Parker, DDS, AASDA


Nonsurgical Snoring Solutions with a 9.3-micron Laser

Anthony Bolamperti, DDS


Live Q&A








Oral IQ


Deka Dental


Kerber USA




Thor Photobiomodulation










2022 Conference Committee


Dr. Samuel Low

Dr. James Carreiro

Dr. Walid Altayeb

Dr. Arun Darbar

Dr. Larry Lieberman

Dr. Marina Polonsky

Lynn Atkinson, RDH

Dr. Blake Cameron






ALD Organization Disclosure - Disclaimer on Protocols and Opinions


The views expressed and opinions and materials presented during a presentation represent the personal views and opinions of the individual speakers and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of the Academy of Laser Dentistry. The Academy of Laser Dentistry assumes no responsibility for the content of the presentations made by individual speakers pertaining to protocols for laser treatment. Any suggested protocols for treatment may be based upon the speakers' own clinical experience and should not be construed as Academy of Laser Dentistry recommended protocols.

Note: These presentations discuss investigational devices that may not yet have received U.S. FDA approval or clearance for the specified clinical indications, or describes off-label uses.





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