ALD Hygiene Mentorship Program


The Academy of Laser Dentistry is happy to offer dental hygienists a place for mentoring in Laser-assisted Dental Hygiene. It is important that no matter where you are in your laser education journey, you have a resource available to assist you in your future goals. The ALD’s Auxiliary Committee has created this program just for you.


Seven mentors with a wealth of knowledge and experience are here to support you. The program is designed as an open forum to simply discuss, learn and collaborate together. What better place to fuel the passion or ask questions, so your practice reaches the next level?


ALD membership is NOT required to participate!


As colleagues, we are here for you and look forward to connecting through the ALD Hygiene Mentorship Program. 


Once you're matched with a mentor, you'll work together to define your schedule for the year.





ald hygiene mentor program



Having a mentor will:

  • Assist any level of professionalism in your laser journey—not yet using lasers, beginning or established in practice.

  • Answer questions and provide encouragement.

  • Connect you to a Standard Level Course. 
  • Help guide you to the next steps to further your specific path.*

  • Take the mystique or exclusivity out of being a laser RDH and making it attainable for any who are wanting to practice with lasers

*There is a separate mentoring relationship for those pursuing advanced proficiency.



Meet the Mentors

Lynn Atkinson, RDH

Torrance, CA



  • RDH since 1989
  • Began using lasers 1995
  • Hygiene faculty, speaker and trainer for Biolase
  • WCLI Fellowship Certification 1996
  • ALD Standard Proficiency 2013
  • Advanced Proficiency Parts I and II 2019
  • ALD Speaker
  • ALD Board of Directors as Auxiliary Chair


Laser Experience

  • 810nm, 940nm, 980 nm diodes; 1064nm  Nd:YAG, Er,Cr;YSGG
  • Work clinically four days a week as Clinical Hygiene Director in Mission Viejo California using lasers everyday for 27 years. 

As a mentor, I want to help guide you on your journey to be the Best Laser Hygienist that you can be. I would like to be there as a friend and colleague to answer questions and simplify the process. 


Other interests 

Running, beach time, photography, spending time with Family, husband, 4 adult children and friends

 Laurie Bricker

Laurie Bricker RDH,BS

Aubrey, TX



  • RDH since 1989
  • Began using diode lasers in 2012
  • ALD Advanced Proficiency 1, II, III Diode Lasers
  • WCLI Fellowship 2012

Laser Experience

  • 810nm and 980nm
  • Working as an adjunct dental hygiene clinical instructor at Tarrant County College.
  • Helping to add the diode laser use into the curriculum for dental hygiene class of 2022.

As a mentor I will be there to answer questions and support you while keeping the process simple.


Other Interests

Showing horses, walking the dogs, and family time with my college age daughter.


Kristin Hunter, RDH, BS

Forney, TX



  • RDH 2008
  • Began using lasers 2008

Laser Experience

  • 810 and 980 nm diodes; 1064 nm 10,600 CO2

As a mentor I want to help other hygienists obtain their professional goals.


Other Interests:  

  • Owner of Dedicated Dental Hygiene, running, hanging out with my dogs and family
Camille Luke, RDH, MSDH

Tumwater, WA



  • RDH since 1992
  • Began using lasers 2009
  • ADL Advanced Proficiency 2021
  • Continuing Education Speaker and Clinical Hygiene Mentor
  • Creator of Hy-Performance Hygiene, Washington Dental Hygienists’ Association President, Dental Hygiene Educator 

Laser Experience

  • 810, 940, and 980 nm diodes

As a mentor, my goal is to help you be the best you can be and provide a high level of care for your patients.


Other Interests

Family, running, cycling, kayaking, hiking (pretty much anything outdoors) 



Jeanette Miranda, RDH

Sioux Falls, SD



  • RDH since 1980
  • Began using lasers 2004
  • WCLI Fellowship Certification 2006
  • ALD Standard Proficiency 2008
  • ALD Advanced Proficiency 2014
  • ALD Mastership 2016
  • ALD Speaker’s Bureau  
  • ALD Communication Committee, Certification Committee, Auxillary Committee


Laser Experience

  • 810nm, 940nm, 980 nm diodes; Er,Cr;YSGG
  • Hygiene Advantage founder, Clinical Hygiene Substitute 

As a Laser Mentor, I will answer laser questions in regards to procedures, protocols, equipment and any other laser topic.  My goal is to help you feel comfortable and confident using your dental laser on your patients.  


Other Interests

  • Golf, reading and Grandma-ing 

Mary Lynn Smith, RDH

McPherson, Kansas



  • RDH 1994
  • Began using lasers 2002


Laser Experience

  • 810 and 980 nm diodes; 1064 nm  Nd:YAG;  10,600 and 9,300 nm CO2.  
  • Principle laser 10,600 n CO2 

As a mentor, I want to inspire you to be the best laser RDH you want to be. 

I enjoy sharing information to help improve knowledge and understanding of using lasers in the daily practice of dental hygiene. I believe it’s a privilege to be part your professional journey. 


Other Interests 

  • Owner of Light Dynamics wellness studio,  family time, gardening, music and theatre.

Angie Wallace, RDH

Owasso, OK

[email protected]





I started using lasers in my clinical practice in 2000. I started with LVI in Las Vegas and then started my journey with the Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD) immediately after, after I took my Standard Proficiency course, I knew that I wanted more. I completed all three parts of the Advanced Proficiency as well as the Educator Status through ALD. I have worked with several Laser companies including, Biolase serving on their faculty, a Ultradent KOL, Instructor with King Dental as well.


I use lasers in my clinical practice every day and you will hear me say that” I would quit dental hygiene without my laser”


Laser Experience

  • 810nm, 940nm & 980nm Diode lasers, but I have experience in Nd:YAG and CO2 lasers as well

I love helping others and would love to help others by being their mentor to help them on their laser journey.


Other Interests

Traveling, dog rescue organizations, spending time with my husband and 5 children, unique and exciting adventures that not everyone else does for example I want to go stay in an igloo in Iceland, travel in by dog sled and watch the northern lights (my husband thinks I’m crazy